Sub Committees

How to get involved

Sub Committees

If you're looking for a way to get involved with our Party, check out some of the opportunties below and contact us to get started!

Campaign Operations

Coordinates all get-out-the-vote efforts including door knocking, phone banking and sign placement and retrieval. This includes taking candidates around neighborhoods and community events.

Campaign Strategies and Tactics

Develops, implements and evaulates all campaign goals, strategies, tactics and communications. This includes developing all campaign/get-out-the-vote advertising and communications in print, online, by phone, or through any media source.

Candidate Outreach

Coordinates all candidate activities including recruiting, vetting, petition signing and meet-the-candidates events, and campaign events (debates, rallies, parades and other media events)

Election Boards

Responsible for recruiting, electing, training and organizing Republican candidates to fill the 12 election boards in the township. Also responsible for recruiting, training and organizing Constables, Poll Watchers and Poll Workers as needed in each precinct. Acts as a liaison between the County Election Board and the 12 local precinct Election Boards.


Plans, organizes and runs all recurring events including fundraisers, Community Day, County Fair and Christmas party.

Legislative Action Network

Follows the top legislative issues at the township, county, state and national level, and encourages, coordinates and facilitates communication with our elected representatives.

Membership, Volunteer and Donor Recruitment

Responsible for recruiting donors, voulnteers, and candidates for membership vacancies


Recruits, organizes mentors and mobilizes a robust PTYR group.


Designs and develops publications for all media.


Develops and maintains a state-of-the-art website including links to state and county election commissions, candidates, county and state GOP, news, information and social media.


Responsible for monitoring and reporting on issues before Council, as well as addressing any issues with Council that may arise.

School Board

Responsible for following and reporting on School Board issues, attending School Board meetings, and recruiting and vetting potential candidates for scheduled elections and filling vacancies.