Get Involved

We have a place for you.

"Freedom is lost gradually from an uninterested, uninformed and uninvolved people."
- Thomas Jefferson

PTR is looking for people who are committed to being active and involved participants in our grassroots efforts. We will work with you to match your abilities and availability to our needs. You can serve on one, or more, of our active Sub-committees.

What ways can I become involved?

The highest level of involvement is to serve as a Committeeman, or a Committeewoman, who comprise the Governance Committee of the Republican Party of Peters Township. Once appointed, you can be formally elected by the constituents in a candidate’s voting precinct.

The second way is to become an Associate, where you attend meetings and volunteer your time working on campaigns, projects and activities that help accomplish the Committee’s goals.


Please contact us at to arrange for a brief get-to-know-you meeting over coffee, and an invitation to a monthly meeting. We are looking forward to meeting you!