Republicans elect one man and one woman as committee members in each of the 12 voting districts in Peters Township. Committee members are elected for a four-year term. Between elections, new committee members can be appointed to vacant committee positions by the Chair of the Committee.

If you are interested in volunteering, or potentially joining our Committee, please contact us.


David Ball – Chairman
Doyle Young III – Vice Chairman
Brian Capezzuto – Treasurer
Lawna Blankenship – Secretary

Committee Members

A-1David Ball
A-1Lucy Christoforetti
A-2Dan Sterling
A-2Panagiota (Penny) Folino
A-3James Pasqualino
A-3Jodie Sherman
B-1Tim Gawenus, PE
B-1Lisa Pavlik
B-2Anton Knaus
B-2Lawna Blankenship
B-3Randy O'Connell
B-3Brittany Smith
C-1Doyle Young
C-1Bob Woeber
C-2Robert Attwood
C-2Wendy Bowes
C-3Sas Argentine
C-3Mark Mikec
D-1Jesse Zimmerman
D-1E. Charles (EC) Selinsky
D-2Chuck Steeber
D-2Tracy Melograne
D-3Frank Kosir, Jr
D-3Brian Capezzuto