The Republican Party of Peters Township (PTR) was formed in the late 1970s, and became an affiliate group of the Washington County Republican Party in January 2004. We have a long history of informing our voters on key issues that affect their lives, increasing voter turnout, encouraging citizens to be engaged in the political process, motivating them to join the Republican Party and showing them why voting Republican is in their best interest.

PTR has a strong reputation for recruiting, vetting and supporting solid Republican candidates, and an impressive track record of helping the best conservative Republican candidates get elected to key local, state and national offices that affect Peters Township residents and businesses. PTR is also proud to support an active Young Republicans group.

Peters Township is home to the largest concentration of registered Republican voters in Washington County. PTR is proud to be the most active and influential Republican Party Committee in Washington County, and be recognized as the gateway to Republican politics in both the township and the county. When Peters Township citizens exercise their civic duty by voting and communicating their opinions, their voices are heard by local, state and national candidates as well as elected officials.

The Republican Party of Peters Township meetings take place on the 1st Tuesday of each month. Although these are not public meetings, all candidates running for local offices, and registered Republican residents of Peters Township interested in volunteering or possibly joining our organization are welcome to attend our meetings by invitation. Please contact us at, so we can make arrangements to provide the meeting date and time and place, and answer your questions. If you are interested in volunteering, or potentially joining @ur Committee, please contact us at

If you are interested in volunteering, or potentially joining our Committee, please contact us at

PTR appreciates the financial support of donors. If you wish to support our efforts please select Donations above.